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Why over pay for day to day phone necessities? 


  Are you tired of major corporations over charging you for the basic necessities you need just to maintain communication with loved ones? 


  If you are, come shop with me. 4Tia!


  4Tia supplies phone accessories currently for iPhone and Samsung. Including phone cases, pop sockets, screen protectors and much more. Here at 4Tia we take pride in our extended list of merch, timely delivery, and outstanding customer service. We guarantee that you can find “Goodies for your phone”🤩


  4Tia started in 2016, which was when I was inspired to create this company. Like most other humans, I was tired of being charged outrageous prices just for daily necessities to keep me in contact with my loved ones. I knew it had to be a better way! Not to forget to mention, I have four little girls that depend me, and every dollar counts lol. That’s when I had a moment of inspiration. Coming from being a single mother simply wanting the best for my kids. I needed to figure out how could I get the best possible deal for the best price, as well as help others in my situation do the same. That’s when I started getting to work so I could create something I hoped would not only benefit me and my kids, but also help many other parents in my situation. I’m sure you can relate? Those of us who struggle just to pay bills and might not have $40 to spend on a phone case just in “case” we get caught in the moment and drop our phone. Or those of us who might not have $20 bucks for a charger, that definitely comes in handy, after a 8-12 hour shift with no charger, rush to get the kids, cook dinner and put the kids to bed. That’s when I came up with 4Tia!


  The 4 represents my 4 daughters (Tahliah, Tahlay, Forever and Faith). The Tia represents my nickname (which was given to me by my older brother being that at the time he couldn’t say my birth name correctly) 🤦🏾‍♀️ So, when put all together it stands for Tia providing for her 4 girls!


  I hope this not only helps you find phone accessories at an affordable price, but inspires